Guidelines for 2023 Spring Semester Bilateral Student Mobility Programmes

September 23, 2022

Bilateral Mobility/Exchange Programmes (self-financed) where students have to cover their own expenses related to travel, visa, accommodation, but do not pay tuition fee at host university.

Eligibility Criteria:

     ● English language score -B2 or over

     ● No fail courses

     ● GPA score - 70 or over

Note: First and last semester students are not eligible to apply

Required Documents for Application:

     ● Online Application form

     ● Official Transcript from Office of Student Affairs (room A -102)

     ● Copy of International Passport

     ● Certificate of English Language Skills (room A - 107); +996 500 038 866

Application Procedure:

     ● Applicants can participate in Briefing Seminar on 14th of September, 2022 to get detailed information about grant based and self-financed student mobility programmes and ask questions from officials.

    ● Applicants have to submit an online application with the required documents till 17:00 of Friday, 30th of September, 2022. Students who apply for Kanagawa University in Japan must submit no later than the 25th of September.

     ● While completing application form applicants have to select three universities from a list of partner universities. The universities should provide common programs/ departments as at AIU. Applicants have to evaluate availability of the stream and department through partner universities’ websites. The allocation process by the Office of International Relations is based on the GPA score of applicants.

    ● Depending on host university’s requirements the allocated applicants have to submit additional documents and to fill up host university’s Application Form and Learning Agreement (a document where applicants have to choose courses for 2023 Spring Semester at host university).

    ● Selected courses along with credit hours at home and host Universities must coincide at least for 70%, so that after returning from the mobility programme the courses along with credit hours can be recognized at home University. Hence applicants have to choose the disciplines very accurately in assistance with the Head of Departments. If there is minimum or no coincidence of credits between home and host universities, applicants may risk to prolong their study until they complete missed credits.

    ● Those applicants who couldn’t submit Required Documents by deadline can submit later but will be referred for the second stage of allocation process.

    ● Applicants who are accepted by universities have to pay the tuition fee of AIU for the 2023 Spring Semester. Mobility students do not pay tuition fees at host university hence have to cover their accommodation, meals, travel, insurance and visa expenses.

Additional Notes:

     ● The Office of International Relations will communicate general information through institutional emails, notice boards and facebook page and instagram

    ● Many high-ranking universities in developed nations require official TOEFL score for exchange programme hence applicants are highly advised to take up official TOEFL

Contact Information:

Darika Nurmamatova

International Programs Coordinator

Office of International Relations

Room No: 212, 2nd Floor, A Block

Phone number: +996 555 16 41 78