Exciting experience at Silesian University of Technology Poland, Gliwice

January 12, 2021

Exciting experience with Erasmus program “Academic Staff Week” April 11-15, 2016

Silesian University of Technology Poland, Gliwice

The week was exciting. It was exciting because I met people from 17 different countries and universities. The atmosphere of the week was overwhelming as we all were ready to exchange opinions, experiences on different fields of study. Each of us made country, university and subject presentations, answered the students’ and instructors’ questions.  We learned from each other and shared our views and knowledge.

Personally, I made two presentations in two different groups: first for the staff from different countries and students from SUT (Silesian University of Technology); second in the College of Foreign Languages of SUT; and participated in the Seminar ‘The Philosophy of Outsiders’ in the College of Education where the problems of handicapped children and people were discussed as the college had a Project involving the outsiders in the learning process.  

The result is now we can host students or staff members of SUT through Erasmus program in our university.

Shurubu Karimova