Who we are?

International Relations Office (IRO) is the organ that is responsible for implementing international strategy of Ala-Too International University (AIU) and coordinating the university international process. The main goal of IRO is to embrace and drive forward AIU internationalization in a dynamic and meaningful manner. IRO initiates, develops and enhances the university international activities in the following areas:

International students admission

International Relations Office is responsible for recruiting international students and supervising admissions, assisting international students in social and cultural life of the University, developing partnership with educational agencies, and responding to admission related queries from abroad.

International partnership

The university gives high priority to internationalization of education process and to realize this mission International Relations Office puts all its efforts in finding new opportunities and partnerships for making it truly international university. IRO continuously endeavours in expanding number of partner universities. At present the university has Memorandum of Understanding with 129 universities from USA, Mexico, France, Germany, Albania, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Poland, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Ukraine, India, Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, etc

International exchange / mobility

AIU students have great opportunity to study one semester or an academic year at one of the partner universities of USA, Europe, Asia and Central Asia. IRO provides two kinds of mobility programmes. First one is scholarship mobility programmes such as Erasmus+ ICM, UGRAD, Confucius, etc. Second one is bilateral mobility programme where students cover their living and travel expenses by themselves, except tuition fee to host university. As educational system of AIU is structured according to the Bologna process, students who participate in mobility programs can easily find common study areas at partner universities and upon returning all the courses along with credit hours are successfully recognized at home university.

International joint projects

To provide more international opportunities for AIU students, IRO initiates and establishes dual degree programmes with partner universities. Nowadays, AIU students have opportunity to own dual diploma of AIU and one of the European Universities. In recent times, IRO makes great effort to attract international grants to raise the University capacity in the field of education and research. Coordination of joint researches and joint projects in consortium has also become one of the main functions of IRO.