Malik Borbugulov, assistant

Sapienza University of Rome, Faculty of economics
• The city is full with history. Modern building are existing side by side with the objects of historical and cultural value. The citizens are very friendly. They always are ready to help you or give advice. Rome never sleeps. During the late hours the city changes its face, beautiful music and illumination accompany you on your way through the night Rome.
The educational system is very interesting; it is very interesting to listen to the professors. They encourage the discussions and questions from the students during the lecture. But mostly the self-education is promoted through the students of Sapienza.

Nurlan Shaidullaev, staff

Sapienza University of Rome, Master of computer science program.

• In overall it was very good. Most of my expectations were fulfilled. Switching from own comfort zone to new and unknown location gave me unique opportunity to reanalyze all of my previous experiences regarding my culture, language, knowledge and personal visions. I have tried and learnt very famous Italian kitchen which has enriched my cooking skills and standards. Met so many new people and not only from Italy. I have felt the multi-culturalism and liked it very much, and increased my global thinking limits. I understood that I have to work on myself. I have seen so many good things that can be imported to my country.

Uulbubu Kutmanova, assistant, master

Silesian University of Technology, Poland, Gliwice
• I had a wonderful experience on my Erasmus master exchange to a Silesian University of Technology in Poland. It was very exciting for me because I become independent through living on one’s own and cope with new modes of learning and assessment, as well as new cultures and languages. I find polish people so kind and friendly, so I did not feel alone in all semester; especially international office always helped us in any issue. Experience on mobility was a positive one; I learned new teaching methods and system. I had a nice experience learning new techniques and meeting other scientists from a variety of disciplines and I hope these methods helps for my further work plans. This program gives you an opportunity to add an international dimension to your degree, broad your education, make new friend and form networks around the world, live in another culture while building skills and gaining knowledge to diversify your career options.

Shuurbubu Karimova

Exciting experience with Erasmus program “Academic Staff Week” April 11-15, 2016
Silesian University of Technology Poland, Gliwice
The week was exciting. It was exciting because I met people from 17 different countries and universities. The atmosphere of the week was overwhelming as we all were ready to exchange opinions, experiences on different fields of study. Each of us made country, university and subject presentations, answered the students’ and instructors’ questions. We learned from each other and shared our views and knowledge.
Personally, I made two presentations in two different groups: first for the staff from different countries and students from SUT (Silesian University of Technology); second in the College of
Foreign Languages of SUT; and participated in the Seminar ‘The Philosophy of Outsiders’ in the College of Education where the problems of handicapped children and people were discussed as the college had a Project involving the outsiders in the learning process. The result is now we can host students or staff

Isa Amanov

Lecturer(Master degree exchange student)

University name : Sapienza - Università di Roma

Very old university as all buildings in Rome, Italy.
1. Adaptation period for the Italian professor and all staff was very good challenge
2. The second challenge was to find accommodation in first week very difficult
This is my first experience to foreign country as Italy. And it was amazing. It provided broader view in to the world and changed myself. In some cases I discovered my strong and weak sides. Likely in most of the case proved that our background education is good. In short this exchange program give me a lot.

Takhmina Kadyrova

Bachelor’s student

Silesian University of Technology, Poland, Gliwice.

• Students and people are kind. They are ready to support you.
• I was happy that I had such wonderful chance to participate in Erasmus. I have had the greatest experience. Education in SUT (Silesian University of technology) was a little bit harder, but interesting. I learned many new things in my field and had many interesting laboratories. Especially I liked professors and their lectures. In Gliwice, people are very friendly, helpful and cheerful. They have unusual holidays and festivals. In my opinion, Poland is not an expensive country, especially Gliwice. I paid about 100 euro for dormitory and about 250 euro for food per month. In addition, Poland is comfortable country (heart of Europe) to travel around Europe. You can find cheap tickets for travelling at weekends.

Begai Duishenalieva,

Bachelor's student at Finance and Banking Department.
Univerity of Lodz, Poland
• Erasmus+ Credit Mobility Programme was announced by International Office in October 2015, and I immediately started preparing documents for application process. I passed English Language Test at our university and was short-listed to an interview by the hosting institution. After the interview I was successfully selected as a grantee of Erasmus+ Credit Mobility Programme.

• What is your university name, place and interesting challenges?

• I studied an exchange semester at University of Lodz in Poland. The university was located in the city of Lodz, third largest city in Poland. It is a beautiful post-industrial city with its own unique atmosphere. I had no problems with communicating to other international students and academic staff at the university. However, it was challenging to communicate with ordinary Polish people due to the language barrier, since I spoke no Polish, and they rarely spoke English or Russian. Thus, I started learning Polish intensively, and soon after my arrival I had no longer the problem of understanding and speaking Polish. Moreover, together with learning language I learned a lot about Polish culture, traditions and history of Poland.

• Write about your experiences in the exchange mobility, in interesting and brief manner (about 10 sentences, education differences, people, culture, food, living, money consumption,).

• Erasmus experience is surely one of the best things that happened to me so far. I had a chance to study in one of the best universities of Poland, meet people from all over the world, visit places I always dreamed to go, eat food I have never tried before, explore new culture and language and many more. Basically everything was new to me, and it was amazing. I made friends with so many great people and I traveled more than I could even imagine. Living in Lodz was full of joy and I got used to live in this city very quickly. I fell in love with Poland, with people around me, fascinating nature, wonderful cities, and of course with Polish cuisine. Thanks to the scholarship I had been receiving, I did not have financial problems, neither did I ask for financial support from my parents. All in all, this was an incredible experience, which helped me to grow and evolve both individually and professionally, step out of my comfort zone and broaden my horizons.