Internationalization Strategy of Ala- Too International University

Internalization History of Ala -Too International University

Ala-Too International University has signed Memorandum of Understanding with 129 universities from the USA, Mexico, Albania, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea, France, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Ukraine, India, Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, etc. Cooperation with partner universities covers different educational, scientific, cultural activities such as exchange of students, exchange of professors, administrative staff; development of joint research programmes; implementation of double degrees, joint diplomas; participation in conferences, workshops and seminars; participation in international or European projects; exchanges of information, documentation and scientific publications.
In recent years, international mobility of AIU students and staff has increased. In 2010-2017 years, 273 students and 63 teachers have been sent to foreign universities within the framework of mobility programs.
Since 2015, AIU has been actively involved in the implementation of the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility programs in higher education. The university has Interinstitutional Agreement with 11 universities from Programme Countries. Overall, 23 students (bachelor and master) 32 staff members participated in these mobility programmes within 2015-18 academic years. As Educational system of AIU is structured according to the Bologna process, students who participate in mobility programs can easily find common study areas at Host Universities and upon returning all the courses along with credit hours are successfully recognized at Home University.
International Relations Office of AIU is the organ that is responsible for implementing international strategy of the university and IRO puts all its efforts to work out tools to accelerate university international process. IRO continuously endeavors in expanding number of partner universities. The University is a home for active and highly qualified teaching staff from different countries like the USA, Australia, Turkey, China, India and most of Kyrgyz academic staff get their degrees (MA, PhD) and improve their qualifications in foreign countries.
AIU with a slogan of “Gateway to the world” became a point of choice for 170 international students from China, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, Panama, Mali, etc. The English language is used as a medium for conducting lectures, thus preparing the students for future employment at global organizations.

The main goal of internationalization strategy and its importance

The main goal of Ala-Too International University Internationalization Strategy is to embrace and drive forward AIU internationalization in a dynamic and meaningful manner. In the age of globalization, AIU places its priorities on cross-cultural education. The University strongly believes that international education and international experience is the key driver of the future of the country. Being a small developing state, Kyrgyz Republic can only rely on the youth with innovative ideas who can implement best world practices in education, economy, politics, and other sectors. The university is motivated to educate future leaders who will foster positive changes to their country. The university gives high priority to internationalization of education process and to realize this mission. International Relations Office puts all its efforts in finding new opportunities and partnerships for making it truly international university.

Main strategic objectives of Internationalization Strategy

The objectives below have been identified to support AIU in meeting its international strategic goals:
- Developing and enhancing partnerships and networks in the wider international world
- Increasing the number of international partnerships with top ranking institutions worldwide
- Increasing student and staff participation in international mobility programmes
- Implementing innovative programs of a dual degree with partner universities
- Initiating joint research projects and academic events with partner universities and funding bodies
- Enhancing engagement with international education and funding organisations to increase the quality and success rate of consortia bid submissions
- Continuing to increase and support international student recruitment
- Promoting partnership with funding bodies, private and public organisations and representatives of state organizations in Kyrgyz Republic
- Searching and fetching research grants and various academic grants from international organizations, aid organizations and multinational companies

Measures to be taken

In further developing our international profile and reputation, the University places particular emphasis upon
- Undertaking a critical review of existing partnerships and their impact on AIU Internationalisation Strategy and global engagement
- Producing research of international impact and significance, shaping the ways in which the world is seen and understood
- Welcoming the most able students, teachers, and researchers from across the world, and celebrating diversity in culture and perspective
- Enabling students and staff to engage international cultures to further their personal and professional development
- Educating students to become informed and responsible citizens and supporting them as alumni to make leading contributions internationally